Theatrical Jousting

Roundtable Productions is proud to offer a Joust fit for a King!

Through out history the tournament, knights jousting on horseback, was an occasion for royal splendor and excitement.  Now this exciting event can be brought to you.   It’s a time to remember when the knights of RoundTable Production  and their noble steeds clash on the field of honor.    Witness brave knights fighting from horseback. The clash of lance and shield. Then sword and axe finish this spectacular show of martial skill and valor.                    

RoundTable is currently offering a medieval light armor joust, designed to keep your audience excited.  Let our Joust staff create a show for you!

Coming in 2003, Full Elizabethan tournament Jousting

For information and prices please contact us at:

[email protected]

108 Mayfield dr., Lititz, pa 17543

(717) 951-8137