School Programs

With over 12 years experience educating and entertaining in private and public schools, you can trust RoundTable to provide a truly unique and fascinating learning experience. So whether it’s characters from history or a great American novel, RoundTable can bring them to life

All programs can be presented in either a large assembly or a classroom setting. Programs presented by RoundTable can be customized for length and content . Special programs can be developed for your unique education needs.

 This is the perfect kind of program…..

Something fun and exciting

Something that goes along with the theme of instruction”

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Class Room Detectives

Join Arthur Conan Doyle’s famous detective Sherlock Holmes on a case of mystery and intrigue.  Your classroom changes into the foggy streets of London as students help the great detective   deduce the facts of a famous case. This is a highly interactive program that gets your students talking and using sound logic to solve the mystery. Students will hear the facts and see key scenes that will ultimately accuse the guilty and vindicate the innocent. This program is best performed in classroom size groups.

Medieval Joust

Through out history the tournament, knights jousting on horseback, was an occasion for royal spender and excitement.  Now this exciting event can be brought to your school.   It’s a program to remember when two of RoundTable’s knights and their noble steeds clash on your field of honor. Our knights will discuss the importance of the horse to the medieval warrior; and the training needed for both man and steed. The program ends with a joust of honor, testing the skills of the noble knights. This program brings students face to face with history and the men and horses that made it.

Arms and Armor Demo:

Discussed are not only the arms but also the way they were used, and the impact they had on society. The presentation consists of a discussion of weapons then a fight demo; showing the usage of some of the arms discussed. This is an interactive presentation, with opportunities for many questions and hands on experience. This is one of our most popular shows, a hit with any age group.  This show presents the arms and armor and fight demo together.

Queen Elizabeth 1:

“GOD SAVE THE QUEEN!”  May I introduce her royal majesty, Queen     Elizabeth Regina Gloriana, Elizabeth Tudor, Queen of England, Scotland, Ireland, Wales, and the colony of Virginia in the New World.  In this program you get to meet Elizabeth Tudor, queen of the golden age of England, from 1550 until 1603. Her Majesty will talk of her life, and the trials of ruling the isle of England. She may even hold a contest, for her royal amusement of course, using some of the audience. This event is very interactive as the Queen picks a court from the well-dressed members of the audience and teaches courtly manners, bowing and hand kissing. This is a program to remember as the Queen comes to visit, throne and all.

Golden age of Pirates:

Explore the age of pirates with this colorful and interactive program. Hear tales of the sea, and experience what life was like on board a pirate ship in the early 1700’s. Meet Blackbeard, scourge of the American coast, and the notorious lady pirate     Grace O’Malley. From these two, you will receive a treasure of first hand accounts on what pirate life was like. Learn the truth of buried treasure, and see and experience the life lived by these sea rovers. Hear about the adventures and the fates of pirates who sailed for profit on the high seas. This wonderful interactive learning experience is presented as an assembly or in the classroom.

Pioneer Days:

Saddle up for a wild adventure; Wild West adventure that is, partner. This program presents many aspects of our western expansion. Meet gunslingers, outlaws, and those brave pioneers that settled the lands west of the Mississippi. Hear tall tales, and see the truth about some myths of the Wild West, This is a hootenanny of an interactive program with rope and whip rodeo tricks.         

Blacksmithing Demo:

This program features the traditional skills of an Old World blacksmith. Our blacksmith will describe and show various techniques associated with his art while producing a piece right before your eyes. Along with demonstrating the skills, he will also explain the usage of the many different tools at his disposal. Our performers can recreate a blacksmith from the medieval period until the early 19th century.  Demo is an outside event only.

A Knight’s Tale

It’s a grand adventure when a Knight comes to your school.  With this program you’ll meet Sir Robert and learn what it takes to be a knight in shinning armor.  Our brave knight will discuss the social importance of the kings most trusted vassal. Listen to Sir Robert as he tells of how a young boy becomes a knight, and the weapons and armor he will use. Tournaments, heraldry, and the courtly knight are some of the topics covered in the program. Sir Robert will also tell of his personal experiences as a real jousting knight in our modern time. This show is very interactive with the opportunity for many questions and hands on experience. 

Shakespeare’s Shorts:

This program presents excerpts from many of Shakespeare’s plays. Scenes are presented from Hamlet, Romeo & Juliet, Taming of the Shrew, and Henry V. Excerpts cover many aspects of Elizabethan Theater from comedy to fight scenes. Other excerpts can be presented upon request. This program can be presented as an assembly or in smaller groups.

Shakespeare’s Imagination:

In this program, you get to meet William Shakespeare great bard of England, and look into his mind. You will witness the bard creating some of the most memorable scenes from his plays. As the playwright creates the scene, you will witness the characters performing the same scene on stage. This is a wonderful show, with Shakespeare not only talking with the audience, but also getting their help with the scene. You’ll watch as your suggestions come to life on stage, performed by the characters. This show is extremely interactive, with both Shakespeare and the characters playing with the audience. The plays covered are Romeo & Juliet, Henry IV and Hamlet. Other shows can be presented upon request. This program can be presented as an

Colonial & Revolutionary War:

This program presents a look into the birth of our nation. This show focuses on many different aspects of life around the mid 18th century. You will meet soldiers of the newly formed Continental Army and see and experience their clothing and equipment. Learn drills and get a glimpse into the camp life of a private solider. Also experience a woman’s view of the Revolution, and hear first hand accounts of civilian life around the battles of the war. Learn about, and see our pewter casting demonstration, where toy soldiers and other small items are cast before your very eyes. This is an interactive program with many opportunities for questions and discussion. This is presented as an assembly followed by a less formal demo and Q&A session.

Stage Combat:

This presentation is focused at your theatre or drama program. It is a basic course in creating the illusion violence. The program covers safety, basic stage combat philosophy, and different techniques, all of which are approved by the Society of American Fight Directors.  All techniques.  All presenters are certified by the same organization with many years experience in both performing and teaching. Techniques taught can vary depending on age of group. This is an excellent program for young actors. Techniques that can be presented, basic falls and rolls, unarmed, rapier, rapier/dagger, single sword, quarterstaff, knife, broadsword, and special FX. This program is done with groups of around twenty, with two instructors. Time varies upon content.

Improv and Interactive Performance:

 With the recent surge in popularity of theme parks and street type theatre, there is a growing need for training in improvisation. This presentation offers basic insight and training into the fields of improvisation and interactive theatre. Techniques covered are character development, ensemble improv, scene work, and creating interaction. This study of freeing the imagination through improvisation will appeal to anyone looking for techniques to improve creativity, communication, and positive interaction.  This program is done with groups of around twenty. Time varies upon content.

Fight Choreography

 Fight choreography, special FX, and stunt work are available for your school play or musical. Whether for Shakespeare, Peter Pan, or any show that may involve unique physical action you can rely on RoundTable Productions to provide safe and professional assistance. Prop production, fight choreograph, and falls are some of the special skills we can offer. Round Table also offers weapons rental for your production. Swords, armor, and mock   firearms, are available which are all safe and made for theatrical uses only. All props and weapons are professional and made of the best quality so you can feel secure during your production.